#WomenWithVision Tea Party

Destinee Milian’s #WomenWithVision Tea Party

I had my first #WomenWithVision party this past Sunday; which ironically happened to by International Day of Happiness. For my first #WomenWithVision party I decided to have a tea party, I felt the setting would be great for a table discussion, icebreakers, and introductions.

I provided each guest with a welcome packet that included important life concepts and ideas that I believe are critical to success. The packet also included a book list, a #wakeandbakeco meal plan guide, and since it was a tea party I also included life lessons you can learn from Alice in Wonderland. The point of my #WomenWithVision parties is for women to empower one another to be successful, to be hungry, to be a goal digger, and to show gratitude for the blessings we have; at our table discussion we discussed ideas, dreams, current projects, money, and goal setting.

To thank and motivate my guest, I gifted each of them with their own gratitude/blessing jar. The main attraction for this particular #WomenWithVision party was my vision board station; equipped with poster boards, fancy papers, stickers, magazines, glue sticks, scissors, and lots of positive affirmations.

At my tea I served an array of tea options, coffee, punch, and added a mimosa bar. I served fruit in cute martini cups, tea sandwiches, cupcakes, scones, and my infamous hand made candied apples.

After we sipped our tea and had our table discussion we popped some bubbly and made vision boards.

I had an amazing time and I’m sure my guest did too! I can’t wait for my next #WomenWithVision party which I’m planning for June.

Check out the some photos from the event below!!


Destinee Milian

(P.S. My romper in the photo below is from HotMiamiStyles)














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