Le #Mimosa Bar

Mimosas are the perfect edition for any brunch, breakfast, lunch, gathering, and event. You can make a traditional Mimosa or you can get a little jazzy and spruce ‘em up with different juices and fruit. I recently had a #MimosaBar at my last event and it was a major hit. I plan on having one at every event from here on out, from teas to brunches to extravaganzas, every one loves a good #Mimosa. Take a look below at some ideas to have your own Mimosa bar.

*Champagne Tip – With Mimosas it’s not necessary to get the top tier champagnes (Dom Perignon, Ace of Spades, Veuve Cliquox, Moet, etc.) because the juice you mix in your Mimosa takes away the flavor of the champagne; kind of like if you put a little water in your Pepsi to dilute the carbonation a little. I find it better to purchase a brut champagne that runs about $10 – $15 a bottle rather than $60 and up a bottle, especially for large events.

My Mimosa Faves

Traditional: ½ Champagne & ½ Orange Juice
Apple Cider: ½ Champagne & ½ Apple Cider
Cranpagne: ½ Champagne & ½ Cranberry Juice
Tropical Fizz: ½ Champagne & ½ Pineapple Juice
Cream Cicle: ½ Champagne & a scoop of Orange Sorbet
Cotton Candy: ½ Cotton Candy topped with Champagne

My Fruit Garnish Faves– (fresh or frozen)


You can a little more fancy and wet the rims of the champagne flutes and roll them in sugar or edible glitter and place pretty paper straws in the glass.

Whether you go traditional or get jazzy all you need to do is pour up some bubbly and let your guest choose their juices and fruit garnishes.

Champagne, Juice, Garnish, and Enjoy! #InThatOrder


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